"Within weeks of starting to take Protandim I noticed a marked change in my skin and hair. My skin is brighter and my hair is healthier, thicker and shiny. I sleep well at night and have so much more energy.  I introduced it  to many of my friends who have experienced the same effects.


I love the Kangen water and when it’s mixed with the essential lemon oil it’s a great way to hydrate after a hockey game or a work out, or just anytime of the day!"


-- Kathie



“As I move into my 60’s a healthy lifestyle becomes more and more important to stay young ... Protandim is a part of that choice to assist my immune system in staying strong.”


-- Dave (Age 60)



"The Kangen water system makes our water tastes so clean and clear with a smooth feel. After drinking multiple glasses there is no bloating as with regular water . Beverages such as tea and coffee are greatly improved."


-- Cristina



"Protandim makes me feel younger with more energy and I have noticed a high degree of happiness since I started taking it."





"I have been using Protandim for the last 18 months and have found inflammation related to an injured and arthritic  knee greatly reduced, and the quality of my sleep as well as overall energy much improved. It is a superior quality product that I would recommend to anyone!"


-- Diana


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